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Welcome to the home of the Order of the Lion Serpent Sun

... The place where "Every man and every woman is a Star"

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      The time has come for occult spiritual teachings to become open knowledge for all people to learn and grow into their potentials as human beings. In Thelema, it is a tradition that the first 3 student grades are open for all to study. Although it is not possible to provide full initiatory teachings in this medium, it is possible for any determined solitary student to progress and discover their Will without the benefit of a physical teacher. After all, true wisdom comes from the Inner Teacher that resides in each and every one of us. As Thelemites, we believe that it is this personal inner teacher who is the ultimate authority for every individual.

      As we work towards Critical Mass as a species, every individual can contribute to the evolution of the human race as we all come to move more fully in our true orbits. Our separate journeys to find our individual True Will and our dedication to the Great Work does make a difference in the world. We hope to help this process in some small way by providing information on our site.

      Through dedicated, comprehensive study and working with all the energies around, without and within us, Union with that which is your True Will, Higher Nature, True Self, God, Universal Consciousness or Holy Guardian Angel is made manifest.
      In the Order of the Lion Serpent Sun we work on strengthening one's physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, and Spiritual aspects. And by unifying these aspects with a Warrior's Lust for Life you manifest the Star that you truly are.

Love & Light,
from the
Order of the Lion Serpent Sun

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